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Ralesk Ne’vennoyx
15 September 1982
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I’m from Hungary, twenty‐some years old and I study at the University of Technology in Budapest.  I speak Hungarian, English, German, Dutch and a bit of Swedish, and I am currently learning Thai (although this is on hold due to lack of free energy for it).  I prefer when people use proper sentences around me, especially in the case of English, where it seems to be ridiculously cool not to be able to spell to save your life.  Or type out ‘you’.

Actually, I’m studying “Informatics” (as we call it, you Anglophone folks probably know it as Computer Sciences).  I suppose I qualify as a nerd.  When it comes to computers, I can do HTML and CSS (always as close to standard as possible, div‐based to the level that it’s proper, accessible, browser‐independent as much as possible), Perl and Python, PHP somewhat less (and there are few languages I loathe more than PHP), SQL anytime, anywhere (wherein I have experience with MySQL, SQLite and Oracle 9i).  I sort of know my way in Qt 3 and KDElibs, have messed around in Qt 4 and in Gtk2.

Due to work, I have switched to using Linux in 2006, before that I was mainly a Windows user, now it’s the other way around.  I prefer Linux systems with apt (Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu forever).  I am a big fan of BeOS (and the Commodore 64, to mention something that’s a bit apples‐and‐oranges in this context) and have played around with QNX.

I’m interested in telecommunications, especially this thing the world knows as VoIP.  I’ve first used that in 1999, on a proprietary service called VocalTec InternetPhone.  Times have changed and now there’s Skype and SIP‐based internet telephony providers such as FreeWorld Dialup, Gossiptel (appears to be defunct now, though) or the Hungarian NeoPhoneX.  For some time, I worked at a tiny little VoIP company, for a little over a year, mainly installing Linux and Asterisk, and setting up VoIP hardware.

I’m responsible for about 40% of the Hungarian translation of LiveJournal’s interface, and the magyar community; also founder of altermetacomic.  I’m also the Hungarian translator of BitWise IM, a secure, multi-platform instant messenger, built on the wxWidgets toolkit.

Let’s see a list of things I was the first to do or among the very first anyway (because, why not brag in an LJ user info):

  • LiveJournal’s and the now deceased MetaJournal’s Hungarian translation.
  • The Hungarian Wikipedia (being user #3, though I can’t say I contribute much).
  • Most likely the founder of the very first Hungarian community here on LiveJournal.
  • One of the first members, for 1 1/2 years the coder, since then, until May 2005 the yearbook editor of Digiévkönyv.
  • I am the developer of ljKlient, a LiveJournal client for the KDE desktop.
  • Something less serious, the creator of the first Hungarian Digimon site.
  • Also not too serious: founder and first designer of furry.hu, the first Hungarian furry community site. (currently there’s no trace of the original design and it’s severely undermaintained by someone else)

Apropos of furries, you’ll notice that I have a dragon‐like creature as avatar here in LiveJournal — he is my avatar pretty much everywhere, actually.  I don’t believe in having been him in another life or a parallel universe, he’s just a creature I adore and if it were possible and I wouldn’t face discrimination for it I wouldn’t mind taking that form.  There have been some other creatures in my mind for that, but he’s the one who stuck.

Ralesk Ne’vennoyx yxach Ychtaxtyrrich (IPA: [ˈrɑlɛsk ˌnɛˈvɛnnojç jçax ˈɪçtɑxˌtyrriç]) is a humanoid dragon of about 6′6″ (~2m) height, he’s also fairly thin.  Things that might count as odd is that he does not have wings and he does have a mane and even facial hair — somewhat a mixture between an asian and a western dragon at that; his colours are in general yellow‐hued: scales gold‐coloured (the front significantly more pale than the back), eyes amber, hair also of a similar colour.  His hair reaches to the middle of his back, and is bound with two dark red hair bands (ribbons when formally/classically clothed), and also on both sides in front of his ears there’s a thin curl hanging with a same colour band.  He sports a pair of whiskers (this muchly reminiscent of the Easterns) and a goatee, same hue as that of his mane.  His casual clothing is a white robe.

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