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2008.10.23 | 02:21
Coordinates: Absurdistan, Central Europe

Could someone please explain to me, that if there’s a financial crisis all over the place, but it started in the USA and they still aren’t feeling well according to the stock markets and all kinds of news bits I hear…

How the heck is it possible that the USD is strengthening against pretty much every other currency?

So much, that though they were on par with CAD a little while ago, it’s about 1.25–1.30 CAD to one USD now.

And of course I have to live in one of the, what, three countries that get trampled over in this. USD from 140 to 210 HUF a piece, EUR from 240 to 280 HUF a piece, GBP from 300 to 350 HUF a piece. Nice, isn’t it?

There go my plans of getting a laptop. Soon enough you can’t get rubbish for 200k if this keeps on going.

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Ralesk Ne’vennoyx

(no subject)

from: ralesk
date: 2008.10.25 19:54 (UTC)

Your and my currency are going pretty much hand in hand lately :) The AUD is still about 140 HUF as it was half a year ago.

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(no subject)

from: varinki
date: 2009.04.19 09:31 (UTC)

The NZD went from USD 0.81 in feb 08 to about USD 0.52 in April 08 and has hardly moved since. The only reason that it got so high in the first place was because of high interest rates drawing in investors.

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