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On moving and languages

2010.12.29 | 04:15

So, a friend of mine approached me with the question: Would I move away from Budapest, whether to another town in the country or to a foreign city. Or actually, the question was how I find it to live in Budapest, and whether — given the right circumstances — I would move away from there.

It’s a tough question.

For one, I like living here because I don’t have a licence, and the further I go from a city, the more impossible it is to actually get to work without a car. This is not so incredibly true for more advanced countries like Germany or the Netherlands. Another thing is the job opportunities — his question arose actually because it seems there’s little of those in the smaller city he lives in, and from what I’ve heard, I have to agree.

But the question was, whether that (and initial money) wasn’t a problem, would I then move? One of the bigger issues I thought of was the closeness of my friends, and if I, say, moved to Sopron, I would have little of that. I wouldn’t simply be able to just decide to hop over to a friend I hang out with regularly now, because that’d be 2½ hours with the train at the very least. On the other hand, it would give an opportunity to get new friends to hang out with. How, that’d to be decided by the particular circumstance.

Moving abroad is a much more complicated issue, and the reason why I turned this into a Note.

The whole issue about friends still stands, even more so than before. But I’m a rather international person, as can be seen on my FB friend list among other things, I would be able to find people nearby whom I can hang out with, eventually. Pay is a LOT higher, and living is NOT THAT MUCH higher — you Westerners can’t imagine how different it is there to live from your wages — so that’s a great thing.

But there’s a catch. For most of the real life things — and I say this with 24 years of experience with the English language, half of that having spent communicating in it on a daily basis, and let’s say 16 years of experience with the German language — I have not the slightest clue how to say them in a foreign language. Things having to do with banking, insurances, healthcare, social security, LIFE. No idea. Heck, I know barely anything about taxes even in Hungarian!

And this is really damn sad. School should teach us things that makes us less of a dumb fuck out there in the capital-letter Life. Some survival skills, basic stuff, really. Don’t need to become a master economist by 8th grade, just, get a simple idea of how a few things work that you will inevitably be exposed to when you become an adult.

But I guess the reason they leave people uneducated about these things — and foreign language teaching only ever deals with mundane matters like how “Tony likes his car so he takes good care of it” and “Roggenbrot ist gesund” — because (oh, hi, conspiracy theories!) uneducated people are simply easier to control.

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[Politics] Fideszes ellenkampány

2009.12.05 | 14:47

Az Index malmai lassan őrölnek, ma lehoztak végre egy hírt a Fidesz ellenkampányáról. Bár az hetek óta koptatja az utcai plakátokat.

Mondjuk szerintem eleve a mostani kampány kicsit mintha korai lenne, hagyjon engem békén mindenki a hülyeségeivel N+1 hónappal a választások előtt. Ja és az óriásplakátos kampányt meg eleve tiltsuk be (és egyébként is le kéne bontani az óriásplakátok úgy 80%-át Budapesten).

Szóval, a vicc az, hogy a buszon ülve láttam az ellenkampányos plakátot, ami persze hozza a Fidesz szokásos stílusát (és a szokásosnál korábbi kezdet miatt a szokásosnál korábban rúgja tökön saját magát; mint azt eddig minden kampányidőszakban tette), de ezen túl talán még akár frappánsnak is mondható (bár eddig a Bajnai-kormánnyal határozottan kevesebb bajom van, mint a két Gyurcsány-kormánnyal, de még majd ez is lehet, hogy átértékelődik). Szóval ülök a buszon, gondoltam megnézem a weblapot. Mobiltelefon elő, beírom a címet ló nagy betűkkel, szerintem a kommenista nyuggerek már készültek meglincselni, és bejön egy üres lap, benne egy jó nagy üres négyzettel.

Hát mondom én, gyerekek, ez siralmas, képesek voltatok egy egész képet betenni? Fogja a fene letölteni azt mobillal. Kijön az indexes cikk, eszembe jut, hogy meg akartam nézni, ha másért nem, hogy röhögjek a szánalmas próbálkozáson, linkre rákatt. Bejön egy FlashBlockolt izé. Ááááááá! Idióták! Áááááá!

Jól van. Megnyitom. Gratulálok az információ terjedésének ilyetén módon való meggátolásáért. És meglátok egy dobozt a flashben, alul.

Gyengénlátó verzió

Ki volt az a sügér nálatok, aki a flashen belülre teszi a vakoknak szóló linket?! Csapkodnám tarkón!

Tudjátok mi a gyengénlátó verzió? Egy PDF. Legalább a szövegrészek szövegek és nem képek… De ááááááááá!

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2009.06.19 | 04:54

This post was brought to you by a rather crazy old lady I’ve seen a few times on the bus. She’d pretty much chase people away from a particular seat, and stand in there. And then argue with the driver that he should turn off this “gas chamber”. So yes, she’s nuts. And evil.

Now, that made me think of things like… how odd it is, when someone has an issue with his or her brain, chances are they won’t even notice it themselves. It’s likely they’ll perceive the world as fine and peachy, while outsiders will be very aware of them being nuts.

It reminded me of the simulation hypothesis a bit — the simulants are unaware of being in a simulation. In other words, us being in a reality only we perceive and in one that really is the reality — no difference, can’t prove it either way, it’s just way more feasible and probable that the real reality’s case is the case.

So, the two things combined: if you experience something “extraordinary”, how do you know it was real? There’s no way to know. You’ve turned into an anthropomorphic dragon one night? Could happen! Or you could be nucking futs. Managed to kamehameha a fireball? Maybe you really scorched the next lamp post, maybe it’s only in your head. No use asking anyone — if they tell you you’ve indeed done those things, even then you can’t be sure, because maybe it’s just your perceived reality that they’re telling you this, or that you have a tail, or that you see the scorched lamp post for the next few weeks (or years as it would be in Budapest). Seen God manifest in front of you? Could happen. Or maybe it’s just your perceived reality.

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2009.05.08 | 03:23

Also, nun, ja.  Ich habe schon seit cca. 2006 nicht ganz viel auf Deutsch geschrieben und auch nicht zu viel auf der Sprache gesprochen, also es ist doch keine Überraschung, daß dies hier sich ganz un-Deutsch lesen lässt (bläh?) und mir Stunden dauert.

Dieses Jahr kann ich wieder nach Eurofurence gehen, und wie immer, diesmal mach’ ich wieder ein Bißchen Tourismus da in Deutschland.  Wenn alles gut geht, komme ich in Dresden am 22. August an, und bleibe da bis den 25.  Leider weiß ich noch nicht was ich besichtigen sollte, und ob jemand mich in diesen Tagen sehen will :P  Also sagt mir bitte was da zu sehen ist :)  Ich mag Kirchen zu fotografieren.

Zwischen 25. und 30. August bin ich am EF, aber nach EF bleiben wir in Suhl für andere drei Tage oder so.  Ich möchte gerne Jena und Erfurt oder Weimar sehen (und natürlich Suhl selbst).  Wenn ihr was wisst für zwei Leute, das die Reise billig macht, sagt es mir :)  Noch kenne ich nur die 10 € Wochenticket in Suhl, und ob ich Tickets früh genug und hin-und-zurück kaufe, DB gibt mir Rabatt, aber das ist alles.

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2009.03.05 | 11:15
Feelings in a word: distresseddistressed

With registration number 658, and 723 people accepted, I’m still supposed to go to the overflow hotel unless I find someone with a free third place in their room. This is especially displeasing as the overflow hotel costs thirty Euros more than the Ringberg (rip. fucking. off.), and the Euro rate is skyrocketing against my currency (you Westerners have *no* idea how lucky you are not to live in a fucking pothole of a country).

So it seems Karma does not want me to go to Eurofurence afterall.

If anyone has free space in their room and I know them from earlier (or I know them by other means), please speak up. If there are two places (even in separate groups), even better; as I’d like my friend Bird to be able to come too, with his #856 reg nr.

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2009.02.18 | 12:54

The Euro is now over nine thousaaaand 308 HUF. Normally it would be little over 250. This makes my EF registration (due the next few weeks) about 20% more expensive than it should be.

You lucky Westerners.


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2009.02.09 | 02:38
Coordinates: Kafkaville, Absurdistan, Central Europe

Mi van ebben az országban?!


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2008.12.04 | 14:01

Python 3 is out.

Keeping in mind that Python 3 and the Python 2 series are not compatible, they named the interpreter’s binary /usr/bin/python, just as in the past.  Guys, stop reminding me of KDE4.


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2008.10.23 | 02:21
Coordinates: Absurdistan, Central Europe

Could someone please explain to me, that if there’s a financial crisis all over the place, but it started in the USA and they still aren’t feeling well according to the stock markets and all kinds of news bits I hear…

How the heck is it possible that the USD is strengthening against pretty much every other currency?

So much, that though they were on par with CAD a little while ago, it’s about 1.25–1.30 CAD to one USD now.

And of course I have to live in one of the, what, three countries that get trampled over in this. USD from 140 to 210 HUF a piece, EUR from 240 to 280 HUF a piece, GBP from 300 to 350 HUF a piece. Nice, isn’t it?

There go my plans of getting a laptop. Soon enough you can’t get rubbish for 200k if this keeps on going.

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2008.09.02 | 22:07

Holy crap… Don LaFontainethe voice… passed away today.

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