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2008.10.23 | 02:21
Coordinates: Absurdistan, Central Europe

Could someone please explain to me, that if there’s a financial crisis all over the place, but it started in the USA and they still aren’t feeling well according to the stock markets and all kinds of news bits I hear…

How the heck is it possible that the USD is strengthening against pretty much every other currency?

So much, that though they were on par with CAD a little while ago, it’s about 1.25–1.30 CAD to one USD now.

And of course I have to live in one of the, what, three countries that get trampled over in this. USD from 140 to 210 HUF a piece, EUR from 240 to 280 HUF a piece, GBP from 300 to 350 HUF a piece. Nice, isn’t it?

There go my plans of getting a laptop. Soon enough you can’t get rubbish for 200k if this keeps on going.

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Ralesk Ne’vennoyx

(no subject)

from: ralesk
date: 2008.10.23 07:51 (UTC)

Yeah, that part is understandable — but that still doesn’t particularly explain why the USD has been strengthening against the CAD and some other currencies like SGD and AUD.

I couldn’t afford going the last two years (plus getting there from abroad unless you own a car is not really simple — Erfurt doesn’t do international flights, nearest stop is Nürnberg), but unless things go really really wrong here, I may be able to go this time around. Would be about time!

Thanks for remembering it :) I’ll tell you the details in e-mail.

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(no subject)

from: doco
date: 2008.10.27 13:23 (UTC)

FWIW, one option you might consider is pooling up with some Austrian furs - granted, it's not really pleasant having sit on the back seat of a crowded car for a few hours, but taking into consideration that the Eurocity from Budapest to Vienna was about €15 the last time I took it, the cost of getting to Austria + your share of petrol might be a lot cheaper than getting a flight to the middle of nowhere and then having to go back all the way by train.

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